According to stats from, the construction industry is the UK’s largest user of natural resources – and each year it uses 400 million tonnes of materials,  produces 100 million tonnes of waste (1/3 of the UK’s annual waste) and 25 million tonnes of construction waste is disposed of to landfill.

At B K Construction we are very aware of the waste our industry creates and the damage it is doing to the environment and have always done our best to minimise our impact as a business. But we want to do more. We are parents and are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world. For our children we need to do what we can to protect that world – so we have made a commitment as a business that from Spring 2019 not only will we ensure we keep the waste we create to a minimum, in addition we will be actively reclaiming as many materials that can be reused or reloved as possible rather than destroying them or sending them to landfill. We will be making these available to customers – both retail and trade – to buy from us both online and from our new premises in The Blackdown Hills later in 2019.